It's all about the guitar - Taylor endorsing artist, Dan Crary 1997

Art has been building and repairing stringed musical instruments since 1978. His influences include Gibson, Martin, Fender and others. A ten year stint at Taylor working in the repair department and supervising final assembly helped to create an outline for A.Davis Guitars production and design but the core of his current work started much earlier.

Perusing books on aviation and automobiles as a child. Building and flying model aircraft. Surfboard construction and repairing or customizing cars. These things may seem unrelated but they are crucial to understanding the way Art has applied modern technology to a centuries old craft while maintaining the classic integrity of a traditional luthier.

A lifetime study of art and industrial design also play an integral role in how the guitars are put together. The pragmatism of Raymond Loewy or Henry Ford, combined with the purity of abstract artist Joan Miro will continue to provide influence as Art follows the path of Stradivari and DeTorres.

Recently, the completion of a computer science degree has introduced a new group of heroes to Art's hall of fame. The scientific work of Galileo, Einstein, Newton or Fibonacci may seem distant from Jackson Browne, David Crosby or Jay-Z and Beyonce but the fact remains that music can be defined by math. In the spirit of all the great thinkers in our history, Art Davis Guitars will concentrate purely on the guitar as a musical vehicle with optimum performance.